Why Do We Give?


On this Giving Tuesday, it is appropriate to reflect on corporate giving, the reasons for it and what it can mean to an organization.

While opinions differ on whether companies should donate to charity, or distribute the maximum amount of funds to employees and shareholders and allow those individuals to donate as they see fit, today, we would like to explain why our company chooses to give.

At Optimus Solar, a portion of every job is donated to Conservation Florida, a land trust that focuses on the conservation of natural and open places in the State of Florida. Optimus Solar is passionate about the idea that a company is more than a vehicle to serve shareholders. Companies need to serve clients, employees, owners, the community and the environment.  This is the main reason we are formed as a partnership, helping to create an alignment of interests between owners, employees and clients.  In addition to a business, we view solar as a critical link in preserving the beauty and availability of Florida land for future generations.  By donating a small portion of each job, we can play an expanded role in this process, in addition to installing solar panels, ensuring decades of local energy production versus imported production. Giving to a cause like Conservation Florida is reflective of our value set and the culture we strive for as an organization.

A worthwhile exercise for any organization is to reflect upon their giving ethos, and how this behavior matches their mission and vision statements.  We are appreciative of the opportunity for work to allow donations to occur, and look forward to the solar industry playing a key role in the preservation of the Florida we all cherish.