Top Five Questions to Ask Your Solar Installer


Every homeowner considering investing in solar can benefit from knowing the right questions to ask prospective vendors. Below are our top five questions solar investors should be asking. We included some vendor inputs that may affect the answers to questions.  We hope you find this helpful in your search for quality 30+ year solar solutions.

1.    How do you calculate overall system production representations?

This is one of the most critical questions as it determines overall ROI of the system, including the payback period. The critical assumptions that go into this calculation are orientation of panels, tilt of panels, shading and other variables.  Optimus Solar uses the most advanced software available to ensure these inputs are accurate. Additionally, before presenting to a potential investor, we double-check these numbers against our internal prediction tools to ensure accuracy.  Lastly, as part of all of our installs, we offer a “Payback Period Guarantee”.

2.    How can you stand behind your warranty representations?

The reality in any industry is that there is no guarantee a company will be around to service and fulfill their warranty commitments.  Optimus Solar escrows a percentage of each job in a separate account, not usable for business operations, that is available during all warranty period representations.  This makes it ‘arm’s length’ from the business and ensures our commitments will always be met.

3.    What insurance do you have in place?  

All solar contractors should have general liability and worker’s compensation insurances.  Each solar investor is well within their rights to request copies of these prior to signing a contract.

4.    Do you have job-site management practices in place?

A major concern for homeowners and businesses is the effect of on-site work on daily life and operations.  Ensuring a solar company has proper jobsite management documentation in writing and in practice is critical to a good experience. Optimus Solar has written policies that we share with each owner prior to the job to ensure we are accountable to those standards throughout the entire installation process.

5.    How ‘Green’ is your company overall?

Solar has a reputation for being ‘Green,’ but as with any product, there are exceptions.  These include everything from production byproducts to end-of-life questions around solar panel recycling.  Optimus Solar uses 100% US-manufactured solar panels and racking systems to reduce transport costs and ensure future availability of parts.  Additionally, Optimus escrows a percentage of each job for future recycling of panels.  Nearly all materials in a solar panel are recyclable, and we believe it is the responsibility of all involved in solar to ensure provisions for future reuse of parts. Finally, we recycle all packaging of all parts shipped to us.

Quality experiences and honest representations help make for the best solar experience for all parties involved.  If homeowners know which questions to ask before signing a contract, they can help ensure a positive overall solar experience!