Optimus Solar Opens New Net Zero Mount Dora Headquarters


We are thrilled to announce that Optimus Solar has moved into our new headquarters in Mount Dora. The building, located at 1107 Robie Avenue just outside of the historic downtown area, was previously used as a warehouse. We have been working hard to convert the space into a Net Zero building and will have all of the renovations, including solar and three ChargePoint EV charging stations, installed and completed by mid-June. We are thrilled to be able to operate out of a Net Zero space in Mount Dora. We love doing business in Lake County and enjoy many of the amenities that Mount Dora has to offer. As we transition into our new Net Zero office building, it provides a good opportunity to share the powerful financial benefits to a commercial solar owner, and the multiplier benefits to the Florida community at large.

For system owners, solar provides a rate of return superior to many other investment products and allows them to ‘bet on themselves’ rather than 3rd-party investments.  For tenants, it allows a reduced overall cost of rent, and the PR benefits of doing business in a green building. The solar energy system we are installing on our building is large enough to offset the electrical use of Optimus Solar as well as our co-tenant in the building.  The 16.8kW system will give an owner rate of return of about 14% per year for the 30-year life of the system and will have an ROI of five years. The City of Mount Dora is a very friendly environment for solar energy customers, with an easy-to-work-with electric department. 

 Solar Energy is not only environmentally friendly, when planned and implemented properly, it retains funds in the Florida economy, providing a multiplier effect for households and businesses.   For an example, our system uses $10,000 in Florida-manufactured solar equipment and $12,400 of local labor, including electrical, installation, and engineering. 

 We look forward to welcoming guests, partners, employees and clients at the new location, and working with our growing commercial client-base to ensure owners are maximizing their long-term investment opportunities, while realizing powerful tax credits today.