EV Charging Coming to Lake Square Mall in Leesburg


Optimus Solar is excited to support the redevelopment of Lake Square Mall by bringing EV charging to the new entrances. As part of the large-scale renovations, which are currently under way, mall owners Meir Benzaken and Laurent Abitbol are installing 2 new EV chargers (plugs for up to 4 cars simultaneously) to provide convenient charging to Lake Square Mall retail shoppers, diners and movie-goers. Recognizing the future growth of EVs in the market, this forward-thinking strategy is indicative of the many positive changes happening at the mall.


Units like this ChargePoint CT4000 will be available for EV drivers outside the new entrances at the mall.

Maximizing Your Home Solar Investment

The New Plug-In Hybrid sipping some solar

The New Plug-In Hybrid sipping some solar

One of our clients recently purchased a new Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid and asked us how we could help them maximize their energy savings. Optimus thrives on helping clients pair technologies to maximize their investment in solar. Through the implementation of the highest quality solar panels and components, Optimus was able to bring not only monthly household energy savings, but also a decrease in annual fuel expense of 84%! By installing SolarTech panels to power this client’s home and up-fitting the garage with a car charging port, the Optimus team turned vision into reality. A big thanks to the team at SolarTech Universal for their absolute professionalism.