Enhancing Your Rental Property Investment with Solar Energy


When many people consider the benefits of installing a solar PV system, they immediately think about tax credits. However, more and more wise investors are choosing to install solar energy systems on their rental homes. Despite the fact that rental homes do not qualify for the 30% federal tax credit, the decision by these owners to invest in solar will pay dividends for decades to come.

Recently, Optimus Solar has had three clients install solar on their rental properties, showing just how far the industry has come over the past five years.  The price of solar energy system installation is becoming competitive even without the federal tax credit.  This is allowing homeowners, tenants and larger-scale rental communities to reap the benefits of solar energy.

Multiple studies have shown that a rental unit equipped with a solar energy system is more marketable, rents faster and is more appealing than a similar unit without a solar energy system.  The market is clear in tenant’s preference for solar capabilities.  It not only provides cost savings, it tells a great story to friends and family, and shows an investment in the environment and in Florida.

Property owners investing in solar energy systems for their rental properties will see positive benefits for decades to come, and we encourage all long-term thinkers to consider this value-add to their real estate assets, tenants and communities.

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