Solar PV, Water Heater, and Pool Heater - Eustis, FL


The Task

A family in Eustis, FL wanted to:

  1. Reduce electricity costs associated with water heating by installing a solar water heater and a solar pool heating system

  2. Invest in a rooftop Solar PV system to produce electricity and provide a cash-flow stream for 30+ years

The Process

  1. To minimize costs of infrastructure and future maintenance, the solar water heater was installed as close to the water tank as possible.

  2. The solar PV system was designed to maximum efficiency on the south-facing roof.

  3. Black panels, feet and racking systems were used for the solar PV element to tie into the roof color.

  4. Finally, the solar pool heater was installed, extending the swimming season by 4 months!

The Materials

  1. American-manufactured panels and racking systems were used in order to:

  2. Ensure the highest-quality system available

  3. Ensure availability of parts now and in the future

  4. Ensure the system was warrantied by our manufacturers for 25+ years

The Results

This system will return the initial investment in less than 8 years while providing long-term cash flow for the homeowners. Live power production tracking (included with the system for 25 years), will allow the family to see the energy the system produces and track their ROI in real-time.