Leesburg Florida Solar PV - Whole Home Generator Integration

Aerial view of the Arlington Ridge property with new solar panels.

Aerial view of the Arlington Ridge property with new solar panels.

View of rooftop solar PV system

View of rooftop solar PV system

A household of two in Leesburg, FL attended an educational seminar hosted by Optimus Solar and then requested a solar PV system to off-set 100% of their electricity costs. 

The owners charged Optimus Solar to design a system that would provide the maximum return on investment while aesthetically tying into the home design and complying with their neighborhood’s HOA requirements. This home also has a whole-home generator, which was considered during engineering and installation.  Solar energy systems, done correctly, do not interfere with generator operations in any way and can be integrated without complications.

The rear of the home faces due south, ideal for installing as much solar as possible on this non-visible roof face.  US-manufactured panels were used, as well as US-manufactured rails, feet and supporting components.  All modules except four were able to fit on the rear south-facing roof of the home, with the remaining panels being installed in a clean line on the west side of the home.

Optimus Solar supported the homeowners in the following ways:

·      No pressure education on solar energy and available financing options

·      Assistance with HOA approval process, even before signing of contract

·      In-house financing for a portion of the solar energy system

With domestic parts being utilized, the owners are assured of reduced environmental impact in shipping and manufacturing, as well as availability of parts should any warranty items need addressing (highly unlikely, but good to have peace of mind).

This system will return the initial investment in ~8 years while providing for long-term cash flows for the owners and an investment in the local economy and environment.  The owners now only have their monthly connection fee to pay to the utility. 

Additionally, to ensure accountability for all representations, the owners have live power production tracking included for 25 years, allowing them to see in real-time what the system produces and to track their ROI.  


Case study written for purposes of local comparison and product quality representation.  The owner was not paid in connection with this case study, and chose to participate due to their satisfaction with the quality of the installation, service and performance.