The Optimus Solar team is comprised of individuals with a combined 60+ years of project management, financial management and construction management experience. Our goal is to bring that expertise to every solar project in order to ensure we are meeting our customers’ needs. 

At Optimus Solar, we believe that solar makes sense: for your bottom line and for the environment. We started Optimus Solar because we want to make renewable energy accessible to individuals and businesses in Central Florida. We also want to be available as an educational resource on renewable energy solutions. We hope we can help you learn more about renewable energy and how it makes sense for individuals, families, businesses, and communities on many levels. Solar really is the no-hassle solution and we want to make it easier than ever for people to "go green" and save on their monthly energy bills. It is that simple. 

We specialize in residential, commercial and municipal solar PV (Photovoltaic) solutions, with an emphasis on long-term system operation and investor satisfaction over the warranty life of all systems.



Ben has a passion for project management and energy efficiency.  He started his career in rural South Africa, restoring a 150 year-old boarding school. One of the first projects he completed there was to install solar panels to provide hot water to the boarding students for the first time.  He is passionate about the solar and energy efficiency industries, as the benefits to individuals, communities and the environment are far-reaching.  He has built his career serving others through many business and non-profit ventures and is humbled by the opportunity to educate homeowners and businesses on the future of renewable energy solutions.

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Interested in learning more about solar and other renewable energy solutions? We love educating people about the process and benefits of solar power. We can tailor a presentation to fit your organization’s needs. This isn’t a sales presentation. We cover the ins and outs of solar from micro to macro and beyond. Give us a call if you have questions or would like a demo presentation: (352) 535-0227.